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We provide child care stability in our changing world.

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Crystal Turner

I am Crystal Turner. I have a degree in Elementary Education, and a Masters Degree in Special Education. I have worked for Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools for the past seven years, and have been given the opportunity to compose curriculum for them that is used around the world.


Kaye's was birthed out of a need for quality care in the inner city community. For this reason, Kaye's prides itself on offering top tier care, ensuring our children are properly equipped for Kindergarten.

            Our mission is to ensure that every child has a healthy start, a fair

                start, a safe start, and a moral start in their adolescents and a

                      successful passage to kindergarten. 


The mind behind providing your child with a safe space, and you, peace of mind

Owner & Director of Kaye's Learning Corner


Infant care you
can trust daily

We promise to keep your baby safe and sound with round-the-clock monitoring.

Engaging and fun summer program

Give your child the learning and social time they crave this summer.

Return to learning and loads of fun

Understand how we nurture your child's happy heart and growing mind.


Parents, NEVER Miss A Beat

Every month, we provide our parents with monthly newsletters so you will always know what your scholar is engaging in while they're in school. It will also provide you with resources that can assist you with fostering and establishing positive and healthy at-home relationships and practices.

It's Easy To Get Your Child The Best Care

Fast-track your child to being enrolled at Kaye's. We've made our enrollment process super easy, your child could sign themselves up. Click the button below to be taken to Kaye's contractual agreement. Once filled out, email it to


Parents Recommend Kaye's

Gyai McMillan

Crystal is one of the best educators ever. When my baby is singing how she's going to have so much fun at school, I'm at peace knowing I made no mistake placing her with Kayes. 

Tashia Anderson

We love Kayes. They love my baby like he is their own, and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Crystal, and the entire Kaye's staff for loving my baby.

Gabrielle SinClair

I'm really happy with the care my baby has been receiving. The fact that she gets one-on-one care makes it even better. My baby has been holding her own bottle and sitting up independently since she's been at Kayes. Thank you guys for making this experience easy for me.

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