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3704Elmwood Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64128

(816) 845-8899

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  • What are Kaye's operational hours?
    Kayes is open from 6am until 6pm, Monday through Friday. Kayes observes every major holiday and is closed for business those days.
  • What age does Kaye's enrollment begin?
    Kaye's enrollment begins at 2 years old, and stops at 5 years old.
  • What classes will my child be taking if attending Kaye's?
    While attending Kaye's, our littles are given the opportunity to take the following courses for enrichment: • French • Art • Music • Martial Arts • Swimming Lessons • Sign Language
  • What are COVID precautions Kaye's is taking?
    All Kaye's staff members are fully vaccinated. All staff members are required to take weekly COVID tests to ensure negative results. Parents that are entering the building must wear masks. Children are not required to wear masks, however, children are required to have their temperature taken. If sick sypmtoms are found, children will not be allowed to attend school until they are 24 hours sympotomatic-free without medicational assistance, along with a doctor's note. A doctor's note is MANDATORY for children to return.
  • When is tuition due for my child?
    Tuition is due every Monday morning by 9am CST. Late fees of $25 will be assessed for the first day, and $10 for the next two days. If tuition is not paid by Wednesday, your Little will not be permitted into school until full payments are made.
  • How are tutition payments accepted?
    Payments can be made via cash, check, money order, paypal, the donate button on our website, or cashapp. See links below: Cashapp: $KayesLearningCorner Paypal:
  • Does Kaye's potty train?
    Kaye's staff does assist with potty training. Our potty schedule is every two hours, and to ensure your Little stays on this schedule, we strongly recommend implementing it at home.
  • Does Kaye's allow parent volunteers?
    We are always accepting parent volunteers. Parents that want to assist Kaye's in growing must complete and pass a background check and subject themselves to weekly COVID testing as well.
  • Who are Kaye's Community Partners?
    We would like to thank these people and organizations for all of their help in making Kaye's care the best care for your Little: The GiftKC The Linwood YMCA Diamond Cuts Hair and Lounge Lyriks Institute Yessuh Music Mrs. Carolyn Booker Mrs. Diona Cohens Frenchies Catering Rendering Arts Studio Gigi The Vegan Mrs. Janice Hankins United Way BLOC
  • What is the average turnaround time for my child to be enrolled?
    The average turnaround time to enroll waitlisted Littles is one month, depending on your numeric placement.
  • Is there a fee to waitlist my child?
    Yes, there is a $100 non-refundable fee to add your child to our waitlist. Payments can be made via debit/credit card on our website.
  • Are there any guarantees?
    We can guarantee that by adding your Little to our waitlist, you will have a place in Kaye's as you are placed in numeric order.


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