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How We Inspire Our Scholars

Our Kareful Learning approach inspires children to think in more ways: with empathy, kindness and creativity. By teaching our scholars to think in these ways, we are instilling a love for learning that will help your scholar develop and excel for many years to come.

More Than Just Your Average Curriculum

Our Kareful Learning Curriculum was developed with what type of learner your child is and can be. Lesson plans are developed for the oratory, audio, visual and kinesthetic learners. Every scholar will have the opportunity to learn effectively and retain the information based on the type of learner they are.


The Kareful Learning Curriculum's main focus is reading comprehension. If children do not understand what they are reading, they do not understand what they are learning. Once children have mastered comprehension in reading, they have unlocked a door to unlimited possibilities.

Our Kareful Learning Curriculum is also STEM-based. At Kaye's, we want to make sure African American and Brown children have access to academic success, no matter their background. We want all children to know that learning can be fun.

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